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Winter Sports Guide / Tips

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While indulging in winter sports you have to take special precautions specially related to physical fitness. Drink lots of water, as your body has to work a lot in cold weather and have regular supply of snacks. Precautionaryly, pack water, snacks, fruit or candy bars, extra socks, a trowel and wax for waxing skis in your bag. Carry a broad mouth bottle of water that is insulated against freezing. If the bottle is not insulated, carry it upside down so that the ice will freeze in the bottom of the container and the water can be pored out.

Always try to be dressed in layers, it helps you to stay more comfortably by adding or taking off clothing, relying on your adventure level and the weather. Remember to remove your parka or jacket before you overheat.

High-altitude sickness is very common aspect in the Himalayas. Appropriate specifications about high-altitude survival and first aid method should be taken. Don't forget sunscreen, polarized sunglasses and (if you're any farther than your backyard) a small first aid kit in your pack.

Avoid wearing cotton clothing, cotton holds the moisture, that is quite unpleasant, making you feel colder. Old wax on the sides and top of the ski can reduce your speed and also turns the ski heavier. Keep the skis clean by built-up wax or by using a citrus-based wax remover, which is effectual and also environmentally friendly.

Essential Skills
The first most things required in taking up winter sports is good health. The person those who have heart problem, high or low blood pressure should not indulge in this sport. More than anything else, a perfect state of mind and body is required.

If you are a beginner, go for training class with professionals, you will be taught correct techniques for stopping, climbing up hills, traveling downhill and even falling the right way. Teaching children to ski is really a frolic outing. Child should ski without poles until they are comfortable with walking and gliding on their skis. Acquiring essential skills by joining a training course is the right way and a great opportunity to deal in winter sports adventure.

Gear Up
Equipment's required for winter sports are as follows-
Skis: Normally skis are made of a wood or foam cores packaged in fiberglass and come in wax or wax-less varieties.
Bindings: Bindings attach the ski boot to the ski.
Boots: Your boots/shoes should be comfortable sufficiently to furnish you with perfect ski control.
Poles: Longer poles drive you more fit because you can keep them at the most proper angle.
Climbing Skins: Climbing skins help you climb hills with less effort. They are slightly narrower than the width of a ski and attach to a ski by either straps or a sticky backing.
Gloves: Go for a glove that are breathable and has a quick-drying, moisture-wicking lining.
Gaiters: Gaiters keep snow from accumulating on your lower legs or in your boots.
Hat: Up to 80% of your body heat can be lost if you don't wear a hat.
Outerwear: The second insulating layer should consist of lightweight polyester, such as yarn pullover and ski tights. A windproof pant or jacket adds extra protection for rest stops or sudden drops in temperature.
Socks: Smooth-textured socks made from wool or polyester with lightweight polyester sock liners beneath.

Common Terms
Roadside debris: wreckage or garbage
Waxed skis a try: They allow you to "adjust" your skis' according to snow conditions and changing temperatures, following a more efficient kick and glide.
Snowmobile trails: mean motorized traffic.
Packing the trail for you: clearing the way
Parka: jacket, windbreaker

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