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Sikkim province is picturesque and verdant with clean crisp air, deep blue mountain lakes, hillsides.... Looking for exciting trekking routes in unspoilt terrain, or a quiet communion with the mountains, there are few places in India that would match the Himalayan state of Sikkim.... - BAAF Adoption & Fostering
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Sikkim Trekking

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To adventure lovers, trekking in Sikkim is an experience of many extents. For those who are looking for excitement plus adventure nothing can match the view of the Himalayan Mountains, which seem to touch the sky. As the adventurer passes his way through a mountain trek, he establishes an easy relationship with nature. Trekkers in Sikkim will be spell bounded by the profusion of plants and flowers.

Treking in SikkimGreat tracts of virgin forests and deep river valleys, offering views of ancient monasteries such as Pemayangtse and Tashiding and the attractive but rapidly developing hamlet of Pelling, characterize the beautiful region of Western Sikkim. The old capital, Yoksum, lies at the start of the trail towards Dzongri and Kanchenjunga.

On the far west, along the border with Nepal, the watershed of the Singalila range rises along a single ridge, with giants such as Rathong and Kabru culminating in Kanchenjunga itself. Although only one high altitude trek is currently available, several low altitude treks, free from trekking restrictions, provide tremendous opportunities for trekkers to enjoy the terraced landscapes, waterfalls and forests.

Famous Trekking Regions Of Sikkim
This six day long exhilarating trek with exclusive views of the brilliant Dzongi sunset over Kanchenjunga. This route is, at present the only one open for trekking in Sikkim

.Trek to Tendong Hill:
Above Damthang, overlooking south district headquarters town Namchi, there is a flat stretch of land, at an altitude of 8,530ft, surrounded by a lush green forest known as Tendong Hill. Trek From Tendong from Damthang bazaar, the nearest roadhead, is just about two-hours of casual walk. But one can also proceed to Namchi by trekking via Tendong Hill following the traditional route used in the old days. Trekking over here also is possible throughout the year, except in the monsoons.

Trek to Menam Hill:
Menam hill towers the Tandong hill on the other side overlooking the Ravangla Bazaar settlement, at an altitute of 10,300 ft. The trek from Menam to Ravangla takes about 4 hrs and from Menam hilltop trekkers has the option to take the gentle trek to Borong village or follow the more challenging trail, down to Yangang village.

Namchi or Damthang to Tendong-Ravangla-Menam-Borong:
The trek trail from Namchi or Damthang to Tendong-Ravangla-Menam-Borong is a 5 to 6 days trek and is one of the most interesting trails sacling all the hilltops along the route. The trek can continue to Tashiding or terminate at Borong and drive back to Ravangli.

Versey lies at an elevation of 10,000 ft and has motorable road to access uto Hilley. An easy 4-kms trek from there takes a trekker upto the Versey Rhododendron Sanctaury. One can also trek from Soreng or Dentam in West Sikkim.

Permit restrictions mean that trekkers can only follow well-beaten trails and within a limited period of time. If you are coming from Darjeeling and have arranged permits and itineraries in advance, you could enter Sikkim at Jorethang and go directly to Pelling or Yoksum saving precious permit time.
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