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Kalka Shimla Toy Train

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Kalka Shimla toy train is counted amongst the most amazing toy trains in India. Shimla toy train of India is the must do adventure of your Shimla tour. Let's make our holidays the most happening ever with wonderful Kalka Shimla train travel.

Wildlife in IndiaAn August Ride with Toy Train Shimla
The northern state of India - Himachal Pradesh enjoys the 2 narrow gauge Rail tracks - Kalka/Shimla and Pathankot/Jogindernagar. Kalka Shimla toy train run on these treks popularly called 'Toy Trains' by the tourists. Meandering on Shimla toy train is a galvanizing experience as one passes through the breathtaking landscapes of majestic Himalayas, tunnels, bridges and lush green valleys embellished with pine, oak trees, leaving a long lasting memory of rhapsody and triumph.

History of Shimla Toy Train
The toy train of Shimla is not only the famous toy train of India but also one of the most unique railway tracks of the world. It is said that this railway line has been first sketched in November 1847, almost 50 years before, it was actually constructed.

This magnificent toy train to Shimla was inaugurated by the British viceroy, Lord Curzon in November 1903, almost covering the distance of 96 km from Kalka through the curving tracks, up to Shimla hills- the summer capital of colonial India. The Shimla toy train trek from Kalka to Shimla is adorned with resplendent panorama of the valley and the picturesque stations along the way. The Shimla toy train passes through 103 tunnels, 969 bridges, 919 curves and 20 railway stations in its entire journey.

The Guinness Book on 'Rail Facts and Feats' included Kalka-Shimla Railway as the greatest narrow gauge engineering achievement in India.

Kalaka Shimla Train Travel - The Rigorous Trek
Kalka Shimla Toy Train has about 7 coaches that can accommodate least 200 passengers in a single trip. The diversities of challenging weather do not extricate the pertinacity of the 700 horsepower B-B type diesel engines. They run energetically taking up the hazards of adverse weather conditions - temperatures ranging from 0 to 45°C, heavy snowfall -average recording 2 feet during winters, and the annual rainfall of 200-250 cm, perceived by the valley. The train acquires up a moderate average speed of 25-30 km throughout its passage bestowing its travelers to luxuriate in the full splendor of the picturesque valley.

The Picturesque Route of Shimla Toy Train
The rail route of toy train Shimla indeed possesses 107 tunnels but the train passes through 103 tunnels, big and small. The toy trains cross the longest tunnel at Barog in 3 minutes. Besides the Barog tunnel, other 3 big tunnels on this route are Koti (2,276 feet), Taradevi (1,615 feet) and Tunnel no. 103 (1,135 feet).

The rail track rises from Kalka at 640m to the freezing zones of Shimla at 2,060 m. A tour from Kalka to Shimla is just amazing. The toy train of Shimla twists its way gradually through the hills up to the alpine, approaching of the demeaning Himalayas. Through the way some of the awesome views of the landscape can be cherished at Kushalya River, Koti, Barog, Kanoh, Jabli 1,240 meters above sea level.

Some Most Famous Shimla Toy Train
Luxury Trains: Shivalik Express, Shivalik Palace
Ordinary Trains: Himalayan Queen, Shimla Kalka - Passenger Train -, Shimla - Kalka Mail, Mixed Train- Attached Honeymoon Coach.

Access to Shimla: Shimla is well connected by a broad gauge line up to Kalka. From Kalka to Shimla, the toy train covers 96 km of track in six hours. As such Shimla is very well connected to all the major cities of India by Air, Rail and Road transport.

Distance From Kalka to Shimla: The total distance between Kalka to Shimla is 90 km by road and 96 km by Kalka Shimla toy train.

Destinations Covered Between Kalka Shimla Toy Train Travel: Taksal, Gumman and Dharampur, Taradevi, Jatogh, Dagshai and Solan.

Shimla Toy Train Timings
Departure from Shimla 05:30 PM
Arrival at Kalka 10:15 PM
Departure from Kalka 05:30 AM
Arrival at Shimla 10:15 AM
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