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Skiing Guide / Tips

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Wildlife in IndiaPrecautions
Water Skiing sport is a safe sport, when skiers and boat drivers understand and utilization common sense rules.

While undertaking water skiing if a skier fall down, driver comes to know through the signal that the skier is all right. It is a simple gesture of clipping both hands over the head, if this signal is not made the driver assumes an injury to the skier and come about instantly to help.

Water skiing is usually illegal in swimming areas, low-speed mooring lanes and marina channels. Safe and fun skiing requires a driver and skier to make good judgments. The effects of sun, wind, waves and oscillation can blemish your predictions. Don't stay on the water too long.

For snow skiing make a unified effort to maintain your weight on your feet. Avoid ski flat-footed, and ski on your heels. You should have strong legs that support you to withstand the beating knocks received as you bash into the snow lumps.

Essentials Skills
Special Skills are required for ski adventure, take up a course in skis training, learn the basics- to get on and off the lift, to fall and then to get up, to stop, to turn. Lesson undertakings are nice idea for anyone, not only for the beginner, who wants to enjoy most through this winter sport.

Maintaining of good balance and to recover quickly from being out of balance is also an important skill in snow skiing. You can also make a good short radius turn with speed control on steeper groomed slopes.

The ability to swim is desirable for a water skier, but swimming ability is no substitute for a well-fitting Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Putting on a PFD is fundamental when water skiing, even for expert swimmers, and is requisite by law in most states.

Water skiing requires a perfect synchronization between skier, observer and boat driver. There should be mutual agreement between the skier and the driver in advance on the route taken by the boat.

Hand signs play a very important role in water skiing. Some of the important hand signs important in skiing are-
Thumb up: Speed up the boat
Thumb down: Slow down the boat.
Slashing motion over the neck: Stop Motor also used by driver or observer.
Circle motion with arms over-head then point in desired direction: Turn the boat also used by driver.
Pat on the head: Return to dock.
OK signal with hand: Speed and boat path O.K.
Hands clasped over head: Skier OK after falling.

Gear Up
For rented equipment, a credit card and a photo ID card in order to rent a snowboard is required. Also bring a camera to record your first day as a skier or snowboarder.

Other important equipment are- pair of sunglasses, goggles, lip balm and sunscreen. The sun is very strong at high altitudes and against a snow-white background. Also remember to bring water-resistant gloves or mittens and a hat.

Common Terms
Pole plants: A strong rhythmical pole plant is extremely beneficial when skiing bounce.
Short radius turns: To sail moguls it is important to turn both of the skis quickly.
Line: Most beginner mogul skiers turn on the top of the bump. It's the easiest place to pivot your skis, for here you can move to the troughs.
Hard Crust: Hard crust grabs onto your skis and checks you for performing anything other than skiing in distinctively straight lines
Crud: The term crud refers to broken crust.

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