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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Skiing in India

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Skiing- An enthralling stimulation
The charm of sliding on the pristine waters and the snowcapped slopes is just awe-inspiring, that gives you the pleasure of one of the most captivating adventures.
Skiing, once the luxuriant past time sport, limited to a privileged few, has now been brought within the reach of the common man. For the ski-enthusiast, there is chaste, crystal clear snow, challenging ones capabilities where as for tottering beginners and confident intermediates there are easy slopes assisted with skilled instructors who inspire in you the dreams of winning the international skiing competition.

The Garhwal and Kumaon hills of Uttaranchal with their extended open spaces, above the snowline, offer a surfeit of ski locales. Winter skiing in Garhwal is professionally conducted at the Auli slopes that facilitate exploration and thrill of long distance skiing. For the desirous-skier, cross - country runs of 10-20 km are now available, with the added advantage of fresh powder snow.

The snow clad mountains of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh also offer a plethora of spots for skiing which has spring out as a comparatively new sport in India. Heli- skiing, Ice skating, Snow skiing and Water skiing at Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir Himalayas are exquisite reminiscence to be preserved for posterity.

While undertaking the skiing adventure, you will be encountering, succession of blissful days. Every day is full of fresh challenges that have to be conquered and appreciated, when you are at any skiing resort. The magic of the wind rushing past as you slide down on the snow clad slopes artistically cutting figures of eight or the sheer pleasure of water skiing will leaves you spellbind. Enjoy the formidable bend, turns and jumps of skiing by taking up longer ski runs with faster speed on the mighty Indian Himalayas, that will definitely leads you to the world of fantasy, where your all dreams come true.

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Skiing in India
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