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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Indian Safari Guide / Tips

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Camel Safaris in IndiaPrecautions
When you are going for your safari holidays, you need to take special precautions in way or at the visiting sight. Take a full medical kit, avoid wearing bright colors as insects gets attracted, often blue color attracts tsetse flies, that have a nasty bite, use lavender oil to minimize swellings and pain caused by its bite. During safari drink only bottled water and avoids eating raw seafood or meat. Try to swim only in chlorinated/rock salt treated pools or the ocean and avoid lakes, streams, waterfalls and rivers as normally they are contaminated with diseased plants and parasites and of course deadly crocodiles. Always listen carefully to what your guides are telling, as they are well acquainted with the areas and want you to have the best time whilst on safari. Don't forger to check your shoes, turning them upside down, as there could be the possibility of any spider or scorpion. If you are in a mood to go for a walk, wear long pants and high gum-boots to avoid picking up grass borne insects and also avoid sitting in the grass or on sandy soil. Try not to use strongly scented soaps, deodorant and perfume as these attract insects.

Guests are advised not to get down from the jeep while on the safari. They should try to maintain complete silence once inside the premises of the park and retract themselves and others from any kind of activity that may damage the forest ecosystem

If your prime reason for going on safari is to take photos, don't halt for longer times, as other sharing the vehicle may not accept it.

Essential Skills
When going for a jeep safari, prefer to travel in-group that's the way you can enjoy most. Normally, group of about 7to 8 people are taken on 2 1/2 - 3hrs open-top jeeps in to the chosen sight. The accompanying naturalist will explicate the diverse sights and sounds of the jungles, deserts or mountain terrain and helps you absorbing in the essence of the wild.

Wild animals, normally shy of humans, are tolerant to jeeps approaching them, you should maintain absolute silence to enjoy the more closer look of the wilds in their natural habitats.

Elephants are quite friendly as well as very expressive mammals, they rumble, squeak, trumpet, ripple and communicate with body language, by shaking the head, spreading the ears, raising the trunk etc. Elephants have a sharp sense of smell, often one elephant will place its trunk into another's mouth in order to greet it or reassure it in moments of stress.

If your main aim is to take photos then go for photographic safari, book a private game drive at an additional cost.

Gear Up
Fleets of modern jeeps are equipped with robust, comfortable and reliable ride. Be it the fiery desert or frigid zones.

All vehicles should be mechanized ones, preferably powerful 4-wheel drive. The windows and doors of the vehicle should be appropriately barred to render security to visitors. The Safari operator shall insure that the door of the vehicle boarding the visitors invariably has security lock so that no visitors can maneuver the locking arrangement. It should be possessed with supplementary gears for being used in rough and rugged terrain, if essential. The vehicle should also be equipped with first aid facility on it.

From the travelers point of view not much is required, you should carry along with you sun glasses, a cap, telescope, camera with spear rolls and some thing to munch that adds to the charm.

Camel Safari's are such animal rides that need both skill and imagination to explore the mirages of desert.

Common Terms
Raikas: the Camel keeper.
Safari: It is a term used for 'journey' in Swahili-local language of Africa.
Four Wheel Drive: normally used for power engine drive-Land-Rovers and Vans.
4 x 4 drive: The jeep is equipped with tyres that can be rotated in different direction when the jeep struck.

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