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Mountain Climbing in India

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To conquer the daring peaks of Indian Himalayas is a most cherished dream of every mountain climber enthusiast. Indulge in mountain climbing in India to let this dream come true. The sight of unapproachable mountains, the moaning breeze and freezing cold weather spellbind its visitors.

For adventure lovers, mountain climbing is a thrilling sport that can be undertaken by acquiring the basic skills and a right approach. After trying up your mountain climbing skills, you can be passionately in love with this adventure sport.

Central Himalayas of India offers some of the most overawe and rigorous peaks in the world, ranging from Nanda Devi -7800m, Kamet -7750m and Dunagiri -7088m, an idle destinations for mountain climbing in India. Mountain climbing is a most challenging devoir; some call it a vertical charm while others showcases it as an eventual way to make an adventurous trial.

Operational Institutes of Mountain Climbing
Mountain climbing adventure can be obtained either by trekking for a few years and then gradually taking up to climbing or undergoing a course in mountaineering at one of the climbing institutes.

Some of the major institutions for mountain climbing
The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at Darjeeling- West Bengal.
The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttar Pradesh
The Institutes of Mountaineering and Allied Sports at Manali -Himachal Pradesh.
The Institute at Pahalgam runs Basic and Advance courses for duration of one month. The government has subsidizes the course fee.
These courses consist of prime lessons and presentations, documentary films on climbing, basic rock climbing, trekking, use of equipment and finally some amount of snow and ice-craft and how to plan your climbing excursion. On completion of a basic course one can take off on climbing adventure.

Ultimate location of Mountain Climbing in India
Peaks of Himachal Pradesh - mountains around Manali hold the charm for beginner climbers to enjoy mountain climbing in India. Across the Rohtang pass at the Lahaul region are many majestic clump of peaks rising up to an height of 6500m and offer the climber some of the most challenging peaks, easy snowplow peaks or even rocky peaks.

Peaks of Jammu / Kashmir like Kolahoi -5425m and Harmukh -5148m offers an opportunity for a rapid alpine rising, where climber enjoy spine chilling adventure of mountain climbing in India. The most popular peaks in the Kishtwar Region - Sickle Moon, Arjuna and Flat Top extend up to 6000m in altitude. Zanskar, Nun and Kun, behold a regular stream of climbers with their breathtaking height of more than 7000m. The hypnotic region of Ladakh have challenged mountaineers and made itself one of the prime locations for mountain climbing in India.

In the Gangotri valley the prime source of holy Ganges hold the charm of Shivling- 6542m, and Meru- 6540 m. The state of Uttar Pradesh offers some of the most challenging peaks to its climbers like the peaks of Kedarnath- 6937m, Bhaghrati- 6853m.

Idle Time for Mountain Climbing Adventure
The month of May to October is the idle time for taking up mountain climbing in India. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation helps in organizing and sponsoring mountaineering expeditions. It also facilitates climbing for foreign tourists and deputes a liaison officer to accompany foreign climbers. All inquiries have to be forwarded to IMF for clearance. It is desirable to give at least a 6-month's notice before setting out on an expedition.

Important Gears in Mountain Climbing
All the technical equipment is arranged by the Institute, therefore there is no requirement for any specified item.
Don't forget to check your equipment while taking it from the Institute and before using it.
Carry a pair of cheap canvas shoes and get the rubber from an inner tube attached as a sole. This is a great help in rock climbing.

Other important gears for mountain climbing
A backpack, coat, a canteen of water, enough food to last you the entire trip, flashlight, first aid kit, sunglasses, a map (try to get one of the mountain you are climbing), Crampons, an ice axe, warm clothing, and a rope.

Permit Requirement
The grant of the permit from Government of India and issue of `X' Mountaineering Visa by Indian Embassy/High Commission abroad is a prerequisite of mountain climbing thrill.
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