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Ice Climbing in India

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Hard ice adventure
Ice climbing adventure sports is most thrilling winter sports on the majestic Indian Himalayas that will take you up to the most challenging journey on the hard core snow.

There is not much of difference in the techniques that are required for ice climbing and for rock and snow climbing. Ice is also as hard and rough as any surface of a rock and numerous methods of rock climbing can be utilized to challenge any ice barrier.

While taking up ice climbing venture, the adventure seeker can utilize only their 3 limbs as one hand is always occupied by the ice axe. The holds are also not very strong and firm as on rocks. However, holds and anchors are not accessible in ice, which have to be made by the climber themselves with pistons or screws.

Some of the most desired zones of Ice climbing
Open peaks in Jammu and Kashmir
Open peaks in Himachal Pradesh
Open peaks in Garhwal
Open peaks in Sikkim
Open peaks in Kumaon

Ice Climbing Tactics
In ice climbing, much depends on the difficulty level of the climb you are under taking, seasonal activity, climber's aptitudes and prevalent climatic conditions are also important consideration. The frost-crusted peaks of the mighty Himalayas have continued to pose challenges to even the finest climbers.

Ice that you are climbing on, depict many states, it can be thin, full of air holes, too soft, each of these conditions requires a slightly different subtlety.

On thin ice, cat climbing is preferred, cautiously clawing up the ice walls and ice edges. Tap your pickax and front points into the ice, to avoid refuse the pickax and the ice. With air-pocketed ice, hook the pockets.

Ice rocks and surroundings
Ice grade can be indistinct, as it keeps on modifying. When waterfall freezes during the season, the ice is thin and the climbing is difficult. As the ice thickens, it becomes easier to climb your destination. In early morning the ice is most likely freezing cold and brittle, after wards it turns to be an absolute plastic ice by noon and melting snow by afternoon. Other prime reasons for altering a route from year to year are amount of runoff, prevailing temperatures, wind and climbers.

Gears - The essentials of Ice Climbing
For moderate routes, look for the current sticky-soled approach boots that can also climb rock, or bring a pair of light sneakers and rock shoes.

Two 8.5mm half-double ropes, treated with color is the essential. Double rope technique - leading with two, clipping one or the other into gear is often preferable in alpine climbing. It decrease rope hang up, provides two ropes for rappels, and reduces the odds of both ropes being cut during a fall or by rock fall.

Other ice climbing essentials
Ice tools
Some climbs will only require a single axe, more technical routes demand two working tools, one pickax and one hammer model.

Purchase strong, light, and comfortable helmet. It should be quite a comfortable one that can also be worn over a hat and can also hold a headlamp.

Go for a headlamp plus spare bulbs and extra batteries for more darker zones. Halogen bulbs are extra bright, but lighten up through batteries very fast.

Rappel / belay device.
Get one that is light, handles double ropes for belaying and rappelling, and works with icy cords.

Physical fitness
To maintain physical fitness, is the prime perquisite of every climber. Ice climbs often involve long accessibility and halts at high altitudes, more fit you are, the faster and less laborious the accessibility will be, and the more ease you'll be on the climb. The skills of skiing, running, hiking, and cycling, especially on hills, will help your ice climbing.
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