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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Winter Camping in India

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Winter Camping activity is not any more traits of an extreme adventure where lives are at stake, like any other outdoor venture, winter camping is also full of wonderment and prudence and provides adventure- enthusiast a brimming gratification.
On a winter camping tour, one has to plan a little more cautiously since the temperatures are lower and the weather is unpredictable. Do not underrate the whimsicality of the winter weather, anticipate the worst so you will not have any repellent stupefaction.

Winter Camping- Stimulation
If you are equipped with good supplies and have enough knowledge of your destination and how to cope up the different situations there, you will be as warm and cozy in a winter tent camp as you are in summer. The enigma of cool temperature, snow and wind are far easier to adjust with, than the problems of torridity, rain and insects. In fact, one can be quite comfortable in winter camping then your summer camps.

Normally winter camping is done on very high altitudes where the temperature dips very low or some times, the reading goes up to minus.
Winter camping - a high rating adventure activity with some subtle dangers. Keep active through out your camping adventure, if you observe freezing up of your feet, or showing initial signs of hypothermia take a long, brisk walk/jog, also take the entire group with you, Keep going until the signs go away. There are some specific hazards unique to winter camping, including hypothermia, frostbite, and avalanches.

Winter Camping In Indian Himalayas
Winter Camping is perhaps the most adventurous way of luxuriate in the stupefaction of mother nature, specially on the higher altitude of Himalayan regions. There are various site that are idle for winter camping in various parts of Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal as well as in the restricted zones of Jammu /Kashmir. The camps facilitate accommodation, catering and a variety of adventure activities like hikes, fishing, nature-tours and rafting. Some of the desired destination for winter camping at Himachal Tourism are Sarchu in Lahaul, Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur, and at Kaza in Spiti.

Choosing of the Right Tent/ other Gears
Go for a slightly bigger tent as you spend a lot more time inside your tent in the winters and also all your cumbersome equipage will get adjusted well inside the tent.
Choose high-technology lightweight modern equipment, go for nylon tents with aluminum frames along with mummy sleeping bags filled with light-weight synthetic fills such as Polar Guard or Qualify, closed-cell foam pads or self-inflating air mattresses.

While on winter camping tour your clothing should be perfect and according to the rough whether conditions prevailing on the higher altitudes.
Hat: A wool or polypropylene hat is a perquisite, as most of the body's heat is lost through the head. Hat helps in supplying down the heat to the extremities in order to keep the body warm.

Long hand cuffs: These keep hands much warmer than gloves. The cuffs should extend past the wrist.

Trousers: Snowmobile mitten work very well, go for wool pants over that and then thin, wind-breaking, snow-pants as your outer cover.

Sock Liners: Wear poly-sock liners, with a vapor barrier.

Dress in layers: It will assist in regulating the body moisture and temperature. Go for 3 type layering which is considered normal.

Footwear: As for boots! Store snow boots are idle. Try to go for at least one size bigger boots then to your normal size, to accommodate socks and bag. The outer covering of the boots should be waterproof by oiled leather or plastic.

Extra Caution
While taking up winter camping tour remember the 10 perquisites, essential for a successful adventure- Knife, Matches, Candle or Fire starter Blocks, Water Purification Tablets or Filter, Map/Compass, Space Blanket, Extra Food, Extra Clothes, First-Aid Kit, Flashlight.

It is advisable for 'winter camper adventure seeker' to be, well equipped before taking up this venture with all the extra clothing, gear, and food for two full days, plus a thermos of hot tea with external frame pack. To stay out longer, you must have enough stock of more food and fuel, normally two or three days are idle for taking up winter camping.

General tips
Carry and store water bottles upside down. Ice forms on the tops of bodies of water first, so this helps keep ice from forming around the mouth.
To avoid boots to freeze, overnight lie them on their sides beneath your sleeping bag.
Go for a night jog or play an active game just before you crawl in the bag. After you get in the bag, take a mouthful of water and eat something fatty like cookies.
Don't roll up the self-inflating mattress with the valves closed. It is difficult to open the frozen mattress valve.
Everyone on the trip should know the signs and treatment of hypothermia- known as freezing to death, or dying of exposure.
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