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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Camping Guide / Tips

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Snow SkiingPrecautions
As is at home, there is divergence of risks and hazards in camping too, more so on a camp tour, as majority of campers does not take proper precautions.

Precaution is an important point that travelers link with first aid kit, suntan lotion or bug repellent. Safety just is not that popular a subject as most of us does not link ourselves with hazard. We always feel that "Accidents only happen to the other guy".

You should not only plan to take a first aid kit, snakebite kit, or bug repellant, but also learn how to use them. That way if anything occurs, medical aid would not have to wait. Care and planning, can assist to evade accidents.

Take care never to pack wet or damps tents in their bags, as they are inclined to decay and rot.

Essential Skills
It is quite essential with camping to leave the campsite better than you found it, any waste, rope bits, or such that is found, should be taken out.

It is very important to choose the right campsite as it minimize the ravage to the vegetation or the natural environment like choose a non-vegetated area, may be sand or rock beaches. Another way to take care of the campsite is to keep your group size small. Doing this will limit the damage you can or will do to that area.

It is substantial to keep the natural splendor untarnished. The aim is to avoid spoiling the marine life when launching or landing your kayaks or canoes. Don't cut branches or tree down. Keep unnecessary noise to a minimum.

In organized camping meals are taken at the central dining area. The traditional Indian cooking is done in most hygienic condition and every meal is freshly prepared. Camp staff takes care of all needs. Anything from clothes washing to a haircut and massage is possible.

Gear Up
The tent should be strong enough to resist the strong blows of the wind. They are available in 2 shapes. The 'A' shaped with aluminum alloy poles and the cupola shaped with aluminum or fiber glass rods. The 'A' shaped tent with an inner layer of cotton and the outer with waterproof nylon fabric is best recommended for low altitude treks.

Other important gears required in camping are- woolen (monkey cap), peak cap.
Sun Glares (preferably ones that block ultra violet rays), Sun Screen Lotion, T-shirts and Shorts for the day. Socks stockings and Gloves that are 20 percent acrylic and the rest wool. Hundred percent wool often shrinks if wet. A Swiss army Knife and a Torch.

Be sure to take a camera and perhaps binoculars. You never know quite what you might see.

Common Terms
Campsite: known as a dwelling or just a place to bed down for the night for Travelers in olden days, now known as camping ground for adventure and fun.
Recreation: is used for relaxation as well as holiday destination.
Roughing: means a Motor-Home with all the bells and whistle and also a Backpack with cloths, first aid kit, dehydrated food, a sleeping bag and a blanket for ground cover.
Campfire: bonfire at the campsite.
Tarp: A tarp keeps the bottom of the tent cleaner and makes a ground base between the tent floor and the ground.

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