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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Biking Guide / Tips

Discounted River Rafting Tours in India

Mountain biking and cycling is a most adventurous sport as well as a backcountry experience. You will enjoy your tour more if you get in some riding experience. Go for a couple of months pedaling on an exercise bike. Always carry reliable and accurate maps.

Check the fuel tank, air pressure in the tyres of the car, appropriate working and arrangement of the clutch plates, brakes, gears and the engine. The most important point, a valid license and total experience in rally driving is required.

Essential Skills
Get familiar with "technical single track," if you want to ride. If any trip emphasize on 'technical single track', the tour is mainly for experienced mountain bikers who have the skills to handle things like rock ledges, tight turns, stream crossings, and obstacle-strewn paths. If you are not confident on your technical ability, go for 'double track' or 'fire roads'. Some trips have a learning element, as they will offer you the technical skills you need.

Licenses: For any kind of race participation, the Competition Driving License is required that can be obtained from the MAI in the case of Cars, and the FMSCI in the case of Motorcycles. The license must be obtained well before the pre event inquisition.

Gear up
If you are going for lot of hill climbing, make sure the bikes have a decent low-gear ratio, such as 22 x 30 or better macho bottom gears like 24 x 28. You have to be sure enough that the rental bikes are equipped with front suspension. Some offer full-suspension bikes--shocks in front and rear that can make a most rugged ride almost easeful.

You will be required minimum 2 sets of bike clothing- padded bike shorts and a couple of synthetic or wool jerseys along with gloves and helmet. Avoid sneakers- get bike shoes, which are firm and stronger. Putting on a backpack-style hydration system such as a Camelback that will help in making water-delivery convenient as well can also be used for carrying jerkin, camera, and snacks.

The Motor Rallying vehicles have to be equipped with a roll cage and crash guard 4 point seat belts, electrical cut out switch on the exterior of the vehicle, fire extinguishers and helmets for driver co-driver.

Common Terms
Raid: This spans 4-7 days. Besides the speed, the participant has to ensure vehicle's capacity to endure.
Rally: It spans 1-2 days and maximum distance is 300 km.
Race: It is a closed-circuit event, measuring 4-5 km.
Bonk: To run out of gas, to hit the wall. It can occur fast if you don't steadily consume calories and water as you ride.
Gear ratio: The combination of teeth on a bike's front and rear cogs that determines how hard or easy it will be to pedal a bike.
Single-track: A narrow, one-lane route
Suspension: Shock absorbers for mountain bikes
Technical: Normally distinguished by such hurdles as big rocks, stream crossing, tight turns, ruts, roots, and logs.
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