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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Hang Gliding in India

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Hang gliding is one of the most exciting adventures in India. There are several spots in India where Hang gliding is available for the tourists. Let's know more about hang gliding India.

About Hang Gliding
In hang gliding one can look beyond the spines of receding mountain heights, past rivers that gorge their way through dense forests and on to the plains. On an exceptionally lucky day, one may even be able to trace the route of the river till it vanishes into a slight haze.

Hang GlidingHang Gliding Facts & Tips
The sport of hang gliding through the air involves hanging suspended by a harness from a large type of kite called a hangglider. With the help of our certified instructors anyone can fly with only ten minutes of instruction on the ground. But, for high altitude gliding learning you have to enroll in a hang gliding course where there are experienced pilots to guide you till you become professional in this sport. One may avail these hang gliding courses in India also to enjoy this wonderful adventure with more perfection

About Hang Gliders in India
Among the basic equipments of hang gliding are harnesses, helmets, and emergency parachutes. Hangglider is an aircraft to which undercarriage and take off power is provided solely by the pilot's legs. The hang gliding equipments consists of 3 aluminium tubes pivoted at the nose, a trapeze or cross bar for control and a decorn tail. They are of various sizes and weights ranging from 7 to 25 kg.

The safety of the pilot is assured by a parachute, which is made of high quality material to withstand different heights, wind force and gravity to which they are exposed. The alti-meter, vario-meter and wind-speed meters, and indicators are used for right movements and safe landing. For further improvement of a comfortable flying experience a small engine and wheel with extra seat have now been added. Hang gliders are portable, which you can easily carry on your back or in a jeep to the gliding site and can be made ready quickly.

Major Spots For Hang Gliding Adventure in India
Hang Gliding, comparatively a new sport in India, is gaining popularity day by day. India has got thermal soaring effects in the summer months while hill soaring almost year round. The monsoons are the only months when this sport is not possible in India, otherwise even the winter months are also ideal for hang gliding tour in India.

Most of the Indian hang gliding sites have been highly rated and those in the lower Himalayan regions are among the best of world has. Hang gliding clubs in India are located at Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Shimla, Devlali and Bangalore.

Hang Gliding In Himachal Pradesh:
Hang gliding is a new sport practised at Billing, 14-km from Bir and is said to be among the finest sites for hang-gliding in the world. An annual hang gliding tournament is also held over here. Situated in Dharamsala, Dharamkot is situated at 11, 800 ft and requires a 2-km trek from the nearest roadhead.

Hang Gliding In The Nilgiris:
Situated 20-kms away from Ooty, Kalahatty in the Nilgiris, has a launch area that is well connected by a jeepable road. This cross country route in the Nilgiris passes over forested areas giving glimpses of wild animals in the sanctuary below. The Bombay Hang-gliders Club organizes rallies at Talegaon in the Western Ghats on the Bombay-Pune highway.

Hang Gliding in Bangalore
Bangalore is one of the major cities for hang gliding courses in India. Below are the addresses of hang gliding classes in Bangalore:
I)Ozone India Pvt Limited
No. 15/1, State Bank Road
K.P. West, Seshadripuram

II)Karnataka Mountaineering Association
Kanteerava Stadium Premises, Kasturba Road
Bangalore G.P.O.

Places for Hang Gliding in India:
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