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From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities as India does.
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Aero Sports Guide/Tips

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The adventure lovers those wish to enjoy paragliding should under take a specific training program of the aero-sports. The program consists of theory lessons in safety rules and precautions, lessons in aerodynamics with the specific stress on explanation of flight, air safety, maintenance of the para-glider canopy and atmospheric conditions. Comprehensive ground training is the most significant part of the course.

Organizations like Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering, Himchal Pradesh Tourism Corporation and many other private clubs have made efforts to train a number of people. Good numbers of people are now efficient enough of solo flying and have taken up the sport on regularly bases.

Essential Skills
One has to be physically fit, avoid making too many performances or stunts in aero sports as its an out door activity that too is performed in air and also mother nature is full of amazement. You need to be mentally vigilant and strong that assist you to cross any obstacle of paragliding. You should have gone under specific training in flying a glider. If you are new to this sport, better go for a basic training first. The basic techniques of para gliding include - launching, turning and landing.

Gear Up
The essential equipment required in para gliding are a glider, when it is overblown, it offers resistance to the thermal currents and slow down the rate of descending, fittings that affix the para-glider stiffly and safe to the pilot. It is so designed that it can be removed hurriedly to evade hurt, as pilot drags over the small distance on the ground after landing.

A helmet and a reserve parachute are for the pilot's security and a vario-meter to measure the rising or falling of the glider are all essential equipment required in para-gliding.

Where as in hang glider, the wind-speed meter and indicators are used for correct advancement and secure landing. For more comfortable flying adventure a small engine and wheel with extra seat have now been added. Hang gliders are portable that can be carried comfortably on the your back or in a jeep to the gliding area and can be set quickly.

The speed of the balloon depends on the wind blows you can't do much over it but high wind landing invariably require expertise and experience. The passenger capacity depends on the size of the balloon, but usually it varies from 2 in sport balloons and up to 12 people in passenger balloons. The balloon crew tracks the flight and is usually there when the balloon lands.

One should go for fitting and comfortable clothing, rugged shoes or boots, sunglasses, gloves and a sun cap. When alone a balloon can rise up to 800 feet and above, while those in-groups may be restricted to heights between 200 and 500 feet.

Safety is the first and foremost concern. The most modern and advanced equipment in the industry is used to fly a balloon. Each balloon is regularly inspected and before every flight precautions are taken to ensure the entire balloon system is functioning properly. The dual fuel system and burners is installed in all craft for absolute protection.

Common Terms
Ultra-light Aircraft Flying
These Ultra lights aircraft are a normal 3 shaft composed aircraft, two-seater with elevated wings and fitted with single high power engine, offers a scenic vista to pilot and traveler, fitted with single high power engine.

A para-glider is a non-motorized, foot-launched inflatable wing.

Two-Seater Powered Hang Glider
Two-Seater heavy-duty powered hang glider with complete dual controls fitted with engine, the most preferred choice for adventure in air.
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