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Adventures in India
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Extinction stalks the Asiatic lion - National Geographic
"Asiatic lions, a subspecies that split from African lions perhaps 100,000 years ago, hang on to an almost impossibly small slice of their former domain. India is the proud steward of these 300 or so lions, which live primarily in a 560-square-mile sanctuary. Gir’s lions allowed me unique glimpses into their lives during my three months in the forest ...."

Adventurous Places in India
Are you looking for adventure in India? Then we will make your adventure tour in India pretty cool and exciting with some of the most important adventure places in India that are listed below:

« Kangra Valley
« Kumaon
« Gulmarg
« Jim Corbett
« North East
« Ranthambore
« Himachal
« Darjeeling
« Himalayas
« Auli
« Gir
« Ladakh
« Manali
« Shimla
« Goa
« Rajasthan
« Rishikesh
« Uttranchal
« Sikkim

Adventure Travel in South India
Below is the list given for the best place to plan a adventurous trip in South India:

« Kerala
« Kovalam
« Periyar
« Andaman
« Lakshadweep
India: Land of Adventures - ThingsAsian
"From primarily a cultural tourist destination for several decades, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after adventure destinations for discerning international travelers. Perhaps no other single country in the world offers the variety of adventure opportunities which this South Asian nation does. This diversity is absolutely fascinating - from heli-skiing in the high Himalayas to river-rafting in the white waters of the mighty Ganga."

Outdoor Adventure Guide
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« For great adventure

India Adventure - Indiatravelog
"Whether you are water crazy or love to play skiing on the slopes covered with snow, India is the place for you. You name a sport and India has it. It is not only that India has sports of all kinds but it has some of the best facilities in the world...."

India Adventure Challenge -
British Association for Adoption & Fostering
"The Himalayan Sikkim province is picturesque and verdant with clean crisp air, deep blue mountain lakes, Buddhist monasteries and hillsides ablaze with rhododendrons set against a backdrop of snow-clad mountains. If you are looking for exciting trekking routes in unspoilt terrain, or a quiet communion with the mountains, there are few places in India that would match the Himalayan state of Sikkim...."

Indian Adventure Activities - Lonely Planet
"The number of trekkers visiting the Indian Himalaya is small compared to those tramping the tracks in Nepal, so if you want to peacefully experience the world's greatest mountain range, try trekking in Himachal Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh.... "

Jim Corbett National Park -
by Michel Wickfield
"I am a die-hard wildlife enthusiast and my entire life has been spent in studying and protecting these elusive creatures of nature. What fired my imagination during the fortnight.... "
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Adventurous Places in India

Discounted River Rafting Tours in India
India is a land that offers umpteen number of adventure options to the travelers coming here. From mighty Himalayan peaks to serene Goa beaches, you will find lots of adventure destinations to try out your strength. Best adventure places in India and the hottest options of adventures in India are given below:

Trekking In India
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The challenging Himalaya mountain treks often allure travelers from different parts of the world. Trekking in India offers you a chance to explore the unhidden travel attractions of the country. Explore some of the best trekking destinations in India on your adventure tour in India. Lets have a look.
Indian Wildlife
Wildlife Adventure in India
Wildlife is one department where India score a perfect 10. And it is because of this that Indian wildlife experience often attracts wildlife enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Come here to experience some really wild encounters with royal Bengal tiger in its own home. So plan adventure tourism in India to encounter the amazing wildlife of India.

Safari in India
Safari Adventures in India
Talk of jeep safari, elephant safari, or just a simple wildlife safari Indian safari adventure will surely leave you wanting for more. It is an excellent way to explore a remote destination that will attract the explorer in you to unwind the natural and man made wonders situated within the picturesque landscapes.

Camping in India
Camping Adventure in India
If you want to explore the serene magic of India, then a camping trip is the best possible way to do so. Feel the morning fresh air blowing your hair and that fresh dew fragrance, simply awesome.

Indian Wildlife
Skiing - Ice Sports in India
Being the land of mighty Himalayan ranges, has its own advantage. Top among being all is that India makes a perfect destination for skiing adventure. Not only the adventure buffs from India but from different parts of the world come here to test their endurance.
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Biking and Cycling in India
Biking & Cycling
A great way to keep yourself fit and to enjoy the beauty of nature, biking and cycling in India is another popular hot activity for the adventure buffs coming to India.

Climbing - The Thrilling Indian Adventure
To seriously test your endurance climbing is the best possible way. And what can be more enduring then climbing the challenging Himalayan peaks. A perfect destination to conquer your fear of heights.

Top Indian Adventure Sports
Apart from adventure sports listed above, there are plenty of other options that one can try out during your trip to India. Here is the list.

Adventure Travel, India Adventure Travel Adventure Travel, India Adventure Travel
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Adventure Travel, India Adventure Travel Adventure Travel, India Adventure Travel
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